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AI Panel at InterCon 2021: Insights from IT YALL’s CEO

The everchanging, the unending, the ambiguous: these are all words that can be used to describe artificial intelligence (AI). It is a field of study and industry that is always in flux, with new applications and concerns emerging almost daily. With this in mind, it was no surprise that InterCon’s recent panel discussion on AI was so well-attended.

The topic of the discussion was “Is AI Really Beneficial For End Users?” and it featured some of the industry’s top leaders, including IT Y'ALL's very own, Olivier Sosak, a key panelist in the discussion.

Overall, it was an insightful discussion that left attendees with a lot to think about. This article will serve as a recap of the main takeaways from the panel, focusing on our CEO’s insights, and showcasing what IT Y’ALL is doing to ensure that AI solutions are used in the most beneficial way possible.

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